Help for the Front End

This chapter provides some information about the front end and guides you through the different channels.

  • On the Home page you'll find some general information and a description of the aims and goals of this portal. You will find there also the links to follow us on twitter and facebook. 
  • Under the Services tab there is a glimpse on the services the portal offers.
  • A general search engine is available under Search. You may enter any search term to look for data, maps and files. Please note that you will only find records available to the general public, published by RNRA. Hit the "enter" key or click the search button to show all the available content.
  • On the Gallery you can browse and search for records grouped by their subject: Administrative Boundaries, Land Use Plans and other spatial data. Once there are more records published, you will also be able to browse and search within different groups of themes and subjects.
  • The Land Use Documents tab provides additional information related to the Land Use Plans.
  • The News & Events tab will keep you updated on RNRA Land & Mapping activities.
  • Find the contributors and partners of this portal under the Partners channel.
  • Help, FAQ pages and access to Regulations and other documents on Land Use Planning is provided under the Help & Resources channel. Note that the main tab is a short cut to this page.
  • The Login tab provides a link to the portal back end, where registerd users can sign in to manage their data and get access to not yet published portal content.
  • On the Footer of each page you will find contact addresses, Terms & Conditions and a Site Map.

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Help for the Portal Back End

The following link leads to a page especially for advanced and registered users who want to know what's behind the scene:

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